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Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers You Need

Q: What are the window replacement restrictions or rules

A: Windows must be full view (no panes, etc) and Dark Brown in color.  The window trim must be similar size as in the surrounding windows and be made of wood trim.  Complete replacement of windows must follow Clifton Historical Society rules.

Q: Where can you get the smaller porch lights with the black base and smaller light globe?

A: At Lowes. The base is available Item #: 156459 | Model #: FY05-005BLK-M. The small globe can be purchased separately there also.

Q: What are the restrictions for a Storm Door?

A: Storm Doors must be full view and dark brown in color. The Andersen® Model HD3F36TE meets these requirements. It is available at Home Depot.

Q: Are there any CSC buildings in the 100 year Flood zone?

 A: No. There are no buildings at CSC that are in the 100 year flood zone. 

Q: Can I get a satellite dish for my unit?

A: A written request for a satellite dish must be made to the management company specifying the location of the proposed dish. A satellite dish can not be attached to the roof or any building structure. The line of site is the main factor with so many trees in the community.

Q: How can I prevent another unit owner from parking in front of my unit?

A: There is no assigned parking at CSC. It is first come, first serve.

Q: Why does Mulloy (the management company) need my contact info or a copy of my condo key? I don't feel comfortable giving either out.

A: If an emergency develops and Mulloy has no key or can't contact you, then your door lock will be drilled out! Once the emergency is addressed, then a temporary lock will be put on the door at the unit owner's expense.

Q: May I hang a flag or banner outside my unit?

A: Unfortunately this is against the bylaws.

Q: There is a unit that has a mailbox at their front door. How do I go about getting one?

A: The board worked with the post office to get these two mailboxes approved. Contact the management company if you have a unique situation that prohibits you walking to the centralized mailboxes. Please do not contact the post office.

Q: I lost my mailbox key, how do I go about replacing it?

A: Contact the Post Office located on Shelbyville road across from the Shelbyville Road Plaza. The mangement company is not responsbile for mailbox keys.

Q: Where can holiday decorations be placed?

A: Holiday decorations can be placed on doors or windows. Nails can not be used on the wood trim or siding when hanging decorations. Lights may be strung on the bushes. Large blowup decorations cannot be placed in the yards or on the front porches.

Q: What landscaping can I do near or around my unit?

A: Landscaping of a permanent nature (shrubs or trees) must have board approval. Flowers, potted plants and hostas can be planted near or in front of an unit. Lawn ornaments are not allowed.

Q: Are we allowed to use a grill on our deck?

A: State law says that any grill with an open flame (gas or charcoal) cannot be used, stored or maintained 10 feet from a combustible surface in a multi family dwelling.

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