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Sunny Kitchen

News and Maintenance Information

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Quick Reminders

  • Remember to not leave large boxes or trash by the side of trash corrals, please break down any boxes.

  • The community bulletin board has been installed at the front entrance next to the pine tree. If your unit is for sale and not posted, or is posted and needs to be removed, please contact Brian English at Mulloy Properties (502)-498-2407,

  • If anyone else has volunteered time or materials to the community, please let a board member know so they can be acknowledged.

Window Information

  1.  Replacement windows should be double-paned casement type windows with dark brown outside trim and should be clear view with no grids.  

  2. The windows should be the same size as the existing windows and look the same as the other casement windows in the Crescent Spring Condominiums.  

  3. The construction should be a high quality aluminum or vinyl type casement windows.

  4. We are located in the Clifton Historic District.

  5. The replacement windows must meet the Historic Landmarks and Preservation Districts Commission guidelines and be approved before construction.

Clifton Window Replacement Guidelines
Certificate of Appropriateness User Guide
Landmarks Certificate of Appropriateness Application

Storm Door Information

Storm Doors must be full view and dark brown in color such as the Anderson doors in the links below:

CSC Storm Doors (Left Hand)
CSC Storm Doors (Right Hand)

Miscellaneous Maintenance Information

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